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"At a time of technical gimmicks and stylistic uncertainty, Raymond Wojcik writes music from the heart that speaks directly to an audience in a distinctive voice."

--David Schiff, composer and writer on music

"Raymond Wojcik is a "composer with extraordinary lyrical gifts. His music holds at its core the song or melody or the cogent, well-defined lyric, placing him squarely in the heart of contemporary romanticisim" - "I treasure music like this". 

-- Paul Cook, American Record Guide

"There is much beauty here, right from the opening references to hymnody...most effective...Wojcik succeeds perfectly, using spicy harmonies but always giving the impression of antiquarian revelry...The music is very lovely, often tender in a manner the subject matter might not immediately suggest."

-- Colin Clark, Fanfare Magazine May/June 2009

Raymond Wojcik has written for a variety of mediums including works for orchestra, chamber ensembles, dance companies and film. He has been composer-in-residence at The Conductors Institute at Bard, the Cape May Music Festival (NJ), and at Kean University’s Ars Vitalis. Raymond’s two CD's on Albany Records "Akin To Fire" and "Pictures and Stories" have earned critical rave reviews. His music has been been frequently broadcast nation-wide on many public radio stations .



Raymond’s newest CD release "Pictures and Stories: Music of Raymond Wojcik" is now available online for purchase at AlbanyRecords , Amazon, iTunes, and many other online sites.

The composer writes, "All of the pieces on this recording tell a story in one way or another. Some are narrative while others are programmatic or cinematic. Visual imagery, both imaginative and concrete is also part of the fabric of these works. These two elements have been part of several of my works written throughout my creative life and it is here in my second CD that I have brought them all together."

Pictures and Stories

Raymond’s previous CD release "Akin To Fire: The Orchestral Music of Raymond Wojcik" is also available online for purchase at AlbanyRecords or Amazon, iTunes, and many other online sites.